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About Us​

Plantlight has more than 40 years of collective experience in plant interiors and plant lighting. We understand the industry's needs and are specialists in lighting for plants. Our goal is to help customers and plant interior designers find the perfect combination of fixtures, light sources, and technology for a functional overall solution that benefits both plants and people. In this way, we create the right atmosphere in the customer's premises. Our plant lighting makes it easy, stylish, and economically advantageous. The design of the fixtures is important, but the function is essential for good plant lighting. 

Good illumination is essential. You can feel confident with us - we understand light, plants, and their illumination.

Why plant lighting?

A beautiful and well-balanced light is crucial for impressive interior design. Plants illuminated with our LED lamps thrive better, grow stronger, and contribute to a healthier indoor environment. These lamps, which are both energy-efficient and long-lasting, provide light that optimally matches the needs of the plants and supports sustainability through replaceable light sources.

What we offer

Our fresh fixtures are specially selected to complement plants, but can also be used with advantage in other environments where design, function, and correct lighting are important. Purchase them directly on plantlight.se and have a qualified electrician install them. Clear mounting instructions always accompany our lighting products and plant lighting. We also offer consultation on lighting to interior designers/architects and others who need to get the right light/lighting in the right place in connection with new or renovation of public environments.

"Good illumination is essential. You can feel confident with us - we understand light, plants, and their illumination."


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