General terms and conditions for businesses.

Payment terms are 10 days net after customary credit check.
Plantlight AB focuses on assisting plant design companies, other interior design companies, and electrical installers in Europe with affordable and functional lighting solutions.
We recommend private individuals to contact one of our resellers. Please send us an email and we will assist you in finding the one closest to you.

Warranty and Right of Complaint

Plantlight AB provides a one-year warranty for all products sold. All warranties are valid in Sweden only. The product warranty covers only original defects, i.e. defects that existed in the product at the time of delivery. Manufacturing defects must be approved by Plantlight AB, after which you as a customer will receive a new product. Certain products (specific brands) are covered by an extended warranty. These products are clearly marked with a warranty symbol in the webshop, indicating the warranty period. If this symbol is missing, Plantlight AB applies the general warranty terms.
The warranty does not cover mishandling errors. The product warranty also does not cover errors that arise during or after self-modification of the product's function and appearance, such as rebuilding or incorrect assembly. Your order confirmation or receipt serves as a warranty certificate. Please note that for companies, different rules apply for warranty and complaint cases.

In case of any discovered defects, it should be immediately reported to Plantlight AB via email: Please always provide your name, order number, and type of damage. Please note that different rules apply for transportation damages, as mentioned above.