Proper lighting works wonders for the plants and the room.


Experts in LED plant lighting for every environment

At we blend expertise with innovation to provide cutting-edge LED lighting solutions for both professional plant designers and the industry at large. Our offerings range from illuminating simple floor plants to magnificent green walls and winter gardens. Lighting and plants serve as excellent tools to enhance the ambiance of your office environment. Our aesthetically pleasing LED fixtures are carefully selected to create optimal conditions for both plants and the workplace. With the right lighting, plants are highlighted, improving the overall impression of all spaces and businesses. Our energy-efficient LED solutions align with the EU's new directives on replaceable light sources, offering cost-effective and sustainable alternatives.

Why LED plant lighting

A beautiful and well-balanced light is crucial for impressive interior design. Plants illuminated with our LED lamps thrive better, grow stronger, and contribute to a healthier indoor environment. These lamps, which are both energy-efficient and long-lasting, provide light that optimally matches the needs of the plants and supports sustainability through replaceable light sources.

Explore the difference

Explore our range of LED solutions through inspiring examples and our comprehensive webshop. We also offer personalized advice and tailored solutions. Contact us for more information and let us inspire you to elevate your interior with the latest technology in plant lighting.


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